Kate Bush y el Monólogo de Molly Bloom

    Pensaste que tendrías de nuevo tu corazón. No. Jamás será otra vez tuyo. Está conmigo. Es parte del mío. Lo que te queda es lo que te he dejado para seguir viviendo.
 Pero tu corazón( ese animal asustado y huidizo), tu corazón, ahora, es uno con el mío.
 Y así vamos e iremos hasta el infinito. Sin corazón, dolidos por el mundo. Porque los dos, ahora, ya no existen. Porque los dos se abrazan y son uno.

"The Sensual World"

Mmh, yes,

Then I’d taken the kiss of seedcake back from his mouth
Going deep South, go down, mmh, yes,
Took six big wheels and rolled our bodies
Off of Howth Head and into the flesh, mmh, yes,
He said I was a flower of the mountain, yes,
But now I’ve powers o’er a woman’s body – yes.
Stepping out of the page into the sensual world.
Stepping out………….
To where the water and the earth caress
And the down of a peach says mmh, yes.
Do I look for those millionaires
Like a Machiavellian girl would?
When I could wear a sunset, mmh, yes,
And how we’d wished to live in the sensual world.
You don’t need words – just one kiss, then another.

Stepping out of the page into the sensual world.
Stepping out, off the page into the sensual world,
And then our arrows of desire rewrite the speech, mmh, yes,
And then he whispered would I, mmh, yes,
Be safe, mmh, yes, from mountain flowers?
And at first with the charm around him, mmh, yes,

He loosened it so if it slipped between my breasts
He’d rescue it, mmh, yes,
And his spark took life in my hand, mmh, yes,
I said, mmh, yes,
But not yet, mmh, yes,
Mmh, yes

  Kate Bush

" The Sensual World" was originally written using Molly’s soliloquy, but the Joyce estate refused Kate’s request for permission to release the song that way. Thus, she rewrote the lyrics, somehow managing to maintain the meter and, more importantly, the feel of the original. A couple people from Love Hounds (the Kate Bush Internet Mailing List) used the instrumental version of the song from the 12" single to recreate the original (the new vocals were sung by Jenn Turney and the recording was done by Jon Drukman) and it’s even more remarkable that both versions are equally effective.


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